ScreenToGif 2.40.1 Portable

Screen, webcam and sketchboard recorder with an integrated editor. Use ScreenToGif to record your screen, your webcam feed or sketch board drawings. Use the record, pause, discard or stop buttons to control your capture. Select the capture frequency mode (manual, normal in fps, timelapse in fpm/fph). Resize the window to adjust the size of the capture. Insert a new recording or media file (videos or images) into an existing project. Export your project to: Gif, Apng, Video, Image, PSD, ScreenToGif project. Undo, redo or reset your edits. Copy, cut and paste frames. Select multiple frames or browse to a specific frame. Preview the playback of the animation. Resize, crop or flip/rotate. Add overlays: captions/text; drawings or shapes; key strokes or mouse clicks; borders, shadows, and obfuscation (pixelate); watermarks (pick your own image); cinemagraph (select parts of the animation to stay static or move).

Frame manipulation:
Delete selected frames.
Remove duplicates.
Reduce framerate.
Delete all previous or all next frames.
Reverse, apply yoyo (forwards and backwards) or move frames around.
Alter the delay of the frames (override, increase/decrease or scale).
Add title frames.
Add transitions (fade or slide effects).

Select how the app starts.
Choose among 4 color themes (from light to very dark).
Alter the system tray icon behavior (clicks to open parts of the app).
Decide whether the app should update itself automatically (translation updates can be toggled too).
Select if you want the older or newer UI for the screen recorder.
Choose which capture mode to use (BitBlt, DirectX, with memory cache or not).
Select the capture frequency mode (manual, normal, timelapse).
Enable cursor following (the recorder will follow your cursor during the recording).
Select the previewer style (color and size of the background grid).
Enable the auto-sizing of the editor window based on the content size and vice-versa.
Options to enable confirmation dialogs before important actions.
Option to limit the undo/redo stack.
You can create tasks to apply effects to your recording, so that you don’t need to manually apply them every time.
Set keyboard shortcuts to open the recorders and editor.
You can also set shortcuts to control your recordings (record, pause, stop, and others).
Select among 24 languages.
The app will automatically select a language, based on your current OS settings.
Control how the app store its data.
Recover used space by deleting old projects.
Download plugins for the app.

When the app starts, click on the Recorder button. A punctured window will appear, line up to what you want to record and click on Record. When finished, click on the Stop button. Remove unwanted frames by selecting them with Shift-Click and pressing Delete. Add a transition to the last frame, so the animation loops more smoothly. After your touch ups, click on Save As to export the animation to your format of choice.

Size (7z): 57 Mb

Download ScreenToGif 2.40.1 Portable

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