CdRtfe 1.5.9 Portable

CdRtfe audio converter
A small CD/DVD burning application for Windows. Cdrtfe is a win32 frontend for the cdrtools (cdrecord, mkisofs, readcd, cdda2wav), Mode2CDMaker and VCDImager. It can burn data discs (CD and DVD), Audio CDs, XCDs, (S)VCDs and DVD-Video discs. Audio track extraction (wav, mp3, ogg, flac, userdefined). Can be used with commandline options.

cdrtfe supports the following features:
Data CDs
Audio CDs (including CD-Plus)
XCDs (with optional error protection)
Video CDs
Project files
Windows Explorer integration
Multi language support
DVD support: Data and Video DVDs
Remote drive support via RSCSI

Size (7z): 6 Mb

Download CDrtfe 1.5.9 Portable

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